Algebra of Need japan tour

Algebra of Need japan tour

2017.1.20(Fri)18:00 – 23:00




lineup : 


AQL MEASURE + MARIE DE CUIR (partnership DJset)

LOFTHAUS (Live + Special Visual by MARIE DE CUIR ‘Brigade des Moeurs’)


supported by Space Baghdad


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AQL MEASURE Picture 2017

Aql Measure


Thomas Barnes



“Whether upheld by strength, or chance, or fate!

Too well i see and rue the dire events

That, with sad overthrows and foul defeat,

Hath lost us heaven, and all this might host

In horrible destruction laid thus low”

John Milton





Grant Thomas Picture 2016

Grant Thomas
Sixteen Faces
Alpha Delta

■Sixteen Faces Bio
There are Sixteen Faces to our psyche and if we’re lucky we will only truly know one of them in totality. Primal, spiritual and psychedelic sounds breathe within all of us and are our key to unity. Listen as we bridge the gaps and try to connect to see the infinite, together as one. Past and present, male and female, borderless and unified. Join us tonight for a sound bath to cleanse your wounded soul.


■Alpha Delta Bio
Born into the chaos beneath a mist of sweat beads. Reaching out for life to the flicker of strobe lights in the dankest corner of a far-off warehouse Alpha Delta is the ultimate rave baby. Often found touching up bits of ancient hardware late at night for his own pleasure, you may also find him playing a diverse style of acid, techno and rave tracks that meet your late-night needs. Much like his fellow label mates; his tastes have been shaped by both Australian and the UK experience. Expect an eclectic journey through the dark ends of rave.

汗の滴が飛び散るカオスの中で生まれる。町から遠くはなれた倉庫の片隅、湿った空気の中、点滅するストロボの光に包まれ生を受けたAlpha Deltaは、レイブが生んだ究極の申し子。かつてのサウンドに新たに手を加え披露するだけでなく、アシッド、テクノ、レイブトラックといった夜の気分に合う様々なスタイルをプレイ。仲間のレ―ベルのメンバー同様、オーストラリアとイギリスでの経験が彼のテイストをつくりあげている。様々要素が混成するレイブを通して、まだ見ぬ闇の果ての旅にでかけよう。




Lofthaus 2016



Thomas D Barnes (London UK)

Henry Gillett (Melbourne AUS)



What are you doing later?


Lofthaus (the duo of Thomas D Barnes and Henry Gillett) ask you this. Algebra of Need’s stronghold techno project have been challenging the public with such questions since there prototype debut EP ‘Alive With Pleasure.’ Working within the realms of polyrhythmic patterns and unbound by traditional arrangements, their tracks are subversive in nature with a complexity that punctuates there ideals with out straying from classical techno conventions.

Lofthaus(Thomas D Barnes & Henry Gillettのデュオ)は問いかける。Algebra of Need’s のテクノプロジェクトはデビュー作となる EP Alive With Pleasure.」から常にこう問いかけ、聴く者に挑みかかる。トラディショナルなアレンジから解放された、ポリリズミックなパターンからなる楽曲を制作し続けている彼らのトラックは本質的に破壊的であり、クラシカルなテクノのしきたりから離れ、自分達の目指す理想の音を響かせる。

The live presentation is a step forward in modern club exhibition. Completely improvised and built to confound, Lofthaus channel the stage presence of both band members past – a stance waning on common club mechanics and mannerisms. At the core is the studio sound, distilled into pattern and tempo specific cuts that are looped, chopped and bastardised to full effect and layered with oceans of drones. The spirit of lust and passion is accentuated with accompanying visuals from AON artist Marie De Cuir. Lofthaus is the salacity of 21st century youth electronics.



楽曲に宿る欲望と情熱のスピリットは、Algebra of Need’sMarie De Cuirが手がけるヴィジュアルによって強調される。Lofthausは挑発的でみだらな21世紀のユースエレクトロだ。









Marie De Cuir - Brigade Des Moeurs - Visual for Lofthaus 

Marie De Cuir
In house artist and one third of Algebra of Need, Marie’s work is informed by the streets of his childhood. Not the idilic boulevards portrayed in film, but the real passages filled with foul odour and forgotten creatures of the night which line the beauty that is the ‘city of love’. There is a certain vexatious to both his music and his art, confronting and burdensome, a sort of a brass knuckle under a lacy glove.

インハウスアーティスト、 Algebra of Needメンバーの1人、マリーの作品は幼い頃の街の裏通りの様子から着想を得ている。その通りとは映画の中で描かれるような美しい大通りではなく、その美しさにひそむ「city of love 愛欲の街」の裏の姿、悪臭と世間から忘れ去られたもの達であふれるリアルな夜の通りだ。